Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does it cost to join?
Answer: Whether you are a residential or commercial energy customer, it is free to join !

Question: Is this service independent?
Answer: Yes. We are totally independent.

Question: Are there any conditions of joining?
Answer: Yes. You have to agree to the terms and conditions that are listed on this website.

Question: Why do I need to agree to payment terms?
Answer: All suppliers will require payment terms as part of their contract with you. We are simply outlining this as part of your obligation with your winning supplier.

Question: What if I am currently in a contract?

Answer: We suggest that you contact your current provider prior to listing with us as a penalty for breaking your current agreement could apply.

Question: Can I list my auction prior to expiry of my current contract?
Answer: Yes you can. Simply choose the date on the website when you want to start Yourenergy™ auction. The auction will then automatically list your auction on this date.

Question: Why do I need to provide my ICP number?
Answer: This identifies your meter location and load which assists suppliers in their pricing schedule to bid for your supply. Only valid ICP details will allow Yourenergy™ auction to proceed.

Question: Do I have to accept the winning bid from a supplier?
Answer: No. You do not have to accept. Yourenergy™ will allow one business working day from the close of your auction to accept the winning bid. If this is not accepted by the date and time shown, then the offer from the winning supplier will be withdrawn.

Question: Are all of my costs fixed for the period chosen?
Answer: No. Only the energy component is fixed as outlined by your supplier. These energy costs provide the bulk of your electricity or gas billing. Other costs such as network charges, levy, meter fees and taxes can change from time to time. Your supplier will outline these in their contract with you.

Question: Does my auction include GST?
Answer: No. All auction values are GST exclusive.

Question: When I input my value from my bill it is GST inclusive. So how is this calculated?
Answer: We will calculate the GST exclusive value for you and show this from the beginning of the auction and throughout the process.

Question: How long will my auction take before it closes?
Answer: Residential members : The auction period is 5 business days for your suppliers to bid for Yourenergy™.

Answer: Commercial members with standard metering (eg Anytime, Day Night ) : The auction period is 5 business days for your suppliers to bid for Yourenergy™

Answer: For the largest Commercial members: With a TOU meter (Time-of-Use, or half hour meter) : Yourenergy™ will request your last 12 month data from your current provider. This is required for other suppliers to view and bid for your auction. Once this profile is uploaded, you will be advised and your auction will proceed. The auction period is 5 business days for your suppliers to bid for Yourenergy™

Question: For large Commercial TOU metering, what is being auctioned?
Answer: Only your fixed energy component. Network charges, meter fees, admin charges, EA levies, losses and GST is excluded in this pricing.